About the Experience

Here at Matty G’s, 

We pride ourselves in providing our customers a fun, safe and memorable experience for the entire family.  We have for your enjoyment a fleet that is made up of five 2022 Kawasaki 160hp Ultra LX and two 2022 Kawasaki stx160x at each location.  These are the Cadillac of jet skis that deliver the utmost comfortable riding experience!  These skis are very stable in the water and are capable of carrying two riders so they are great for the entire family!

Jet Ski At Sunset

Experience The Lake!

Whether you are a seasoned rider or your first time being on a jet ski our friendly staff will make sure you are comfortable and safe to enjoy your day on the water!


Unlike other jet ski rentals, we offer a variety of options for your riding adventure.  You can take the jet skis to visit multiple restaurants located along the harbors; tour through canals of beautiful Mansions; or take a nice cruise down the lakeshore!  Regardless of wind conditions, we have an area for you to explore!

Safety First

We ask that our renters when operating the jet skis above idle speed need to be at least 300 feet from shore and outside of the channel markers/no-wake zones and beaches.