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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should we wear?
A: swimming suits are the most comfortable.  We do recommend bringing some shoes you do not mind getting wet!
Q: How old do I have to be to rent a ski?
A: to rent a ski you must be 18 years old or order.  However, any person age 6 and up can ride with an adult!
Q:  do we need a license to drive a jet ski?
A:  yes,  if you are born after the date of Jan 1, 1982. You must have completed a valid boaters safety course which can be completed online!  You will also need to have a valid state-issued photo ID when renting the jet skis.
If you do not have a valid boaters safety course card,  you can study for a 10 question test which can be administered at the rental site.  You must pass this prior to you renting the jet ski.
Q: what if someone has never driven a jet ski before?
A:  our friendly staff will make sure even the newest riders are comfortable and safe on their jet skis in a matter of a few minutes!
Q:  is there any no-wake areas?
A:  yes there are no wake areas leading into the marinas and channels.  These will all be marked with signs and our staff will provide you with a map of the area.
Q: Is there a security deposit?
A: No, we do not charge security deposits. However, you are Responsible for any damages caused to the vessel.
Q: Do you provide Life Jackets?
A: Yes. 
Q: How many people are allowed on a Jet Ski:
A: 2 People
Q: Is there a weight Restriction?
A: Yes. 350 IBS.
Q: What happens if there is bad weather?
A: We will give a call or Text to all our customers attempting to re-schedule or requested refund your reservation. we take this decision based on the weather in OUR AREA, if it is raining someplace else, it doesn’t mean that you can cancel your ride.

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